Kiss Being Single Goodbye


The SIMPLE 12- Step process you’ve been BEGGING FOR to get the faith and confidence you need to master your love life, attract your GOOD MAN  and  ELIMINATE broken heart -love drama ONCE and FOR ALL.



It’s your season for real and lasting love and now you may enroll in Elevate Your Love Habits if…

*You’re ready to make the shift from the habits that cause women to stay single for way to long.

*You really want to know what you’re doing wrong that makes you attract men who are not good for you.

*You have a strong desire to marry the man of your dreams but don’t want to deal with love drama.

*You understand the power in self investment and you know without investing in what you want, you will always be frustrated, lonely and wondering where is he.

*You would like to have the magnetism to make every good successful sexy and spiritual man beg to marry you because of your sexiness, confidence, happiness, values and ultimately the way you make them FEEL.

*You want the winning formula that will give you an advantage in dealing with men so you never have to wonder what the hell are his intentions again or beg for his attention and care.







From: That Urban Love Chic  – Nekisha-Michelle
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Dear Ms. Successful, Spiritual & Single,

I have one question for you,

Are you happy with being single and trying to figure out why the man you want has not found you YET?


how longMost single women are and guess what, a lot more married women are doing it too!


He keeps pulling away,
He never fulfills his obligations,
He needs a lot of redirection and encouragement from you,
He takes but doesn’t give back to you,
He lies,
He cheats,

YOU haven’t experienced real love in a longggggg time and now you are becoming complacent, set in your ways, and have a loss of hope that real love exists.


Most strong independent women never get the man they know they desire and deserve because they can’t figure out MEN


They keep transferring old, dysfunctional relationship habits to each relationship they’re in without realizing the PROBLEM is NOT the MEN it’s because of 1 serious “issue” she never really considers.

SAM_0673It’s because she’s NEVER been taught the effortless magnetic way to attract a good quality man and she has NEVER been taught to love him the way he UNDERSTANDS LOVE AND BECOMES BONDED TO HER!


She chases after him and does not know she’s doing it and he is completely turned off.

She continues to pray and thinks that God is not answering her prayers.

She is getting ignorant advice from her dysfunctional girlfriends.

She makes generalizations that they’re no good man out there.

She is really direct and nasty to every man she meets because she doesn’t know how to trust.

She give men a hard time because she is angry for all her past relationships.

She interrogates men on dates trying to get the right answer but still get’s PLAYED AND TRICKED.

She jumps in bed with men because of chemistry without a commitment and later finds that he only wanted to use her for sex and his own gratification.

She believes that drama is equal to love and if there is no drama there is NO love.

She controls each relationship because she is afraid it won’t give her what she wants.

She doesn’t know why he pulls away from her and becomes HOT on some days and COLD on MOST days.

She has no clue on how to move the relationship from dating to commitment.

She gives him so much of herself and he appears unappreciative or always wants more and gets mad at her if she does not deliver.

She ignores the red flags because she doesn’t want to create conflict in the relationship risking losing and sex

She keeps getting men she does not like interested in her but the men she likes PLAY her or don’t even approach her.

She is grabbing any halfway decent man because her biological clock is ticking and she feels she is running out of time to create her family.

She becomes verbally abusive and or violent when she does not get what she wants from him or feels disrespected.

You don’t have to be that woman anymore and suffer from…

That anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see other love birds cuddling and demonstrating affection.

Making excuses to why you are still single at your age.

Attending special events with your girlfriends.

Having a maintenance man that don’t mind booty calls at night but will not or can’t be seen with you in the daylight.

Feeling incomplete and like something is missing.

Always being a part of the wedding party or a guest at a wedding.

Entertaining married men who claim they are leaving their wives.

Boring outdated singles ministries and singles groups that are filled with women and a few Casanovas who have NO intentions on being in a committed relationship.

Feeling like you’re not good enough.

Feeling ashamed because you can’t get it together.

Feeling like you intimidate men because of your success.

Feeling defeated because you don’t want to give up your power and intelligence to accommodate a man.

Exhausted from reading dating and relationship books but not able to make the advice useful in your situation.

If you realize that it’s been years and you have not attracted your MR. RIGHT and you are tired of waiting, fantasizing, praying and seeing other women getting what you know you deserve too…

If you feel like you keep getting frustrated, your tolerance for dating is diminishing and it’s becoming annoying dealing with silly immature men.

imagesIf you want 2014 be the last year you have to deal with LOVE DRAMA. If you are tired of being fulfilled in every area of your life except for in your BEDROOM. If you feel stagnated, unfulfilled, hurt and just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


I believe with my whole heart, professional experience and personal testimony that this program is your BEST OPTION FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL makeover in LOVE & ATTRACTION to get MR. RIGHT!

AS “That Urban Love Chic” I AM ready to unleash all my timeless wisdom and MEN-tested knowledge & professional guidance, support and mentoring.

People come to me because I AM southern California’s #1 Relationship Expert & Matchmaker for SAVVY, URBAN WOMEN LIKE YOU!

You’ve probably seen my dating 180 advice in Ebony Magazine.
You’ve probably seen my write-up as a self-help media personality in Black Enterprise Magazine.  Maybe you’ve seen my spotlight on growing a profitable business for women in Empowering Women Magazine. I would not be surprised at all if you saw me on KTLA-5 Morning News in Los Angeles, CA.

You may have seen my write up several times in Black  You could have seen me as a guest or host on Actors Entertainment Chat Show during the Motivational Chat segments.  You could have heard about my recent segment with Queen Latifah’s new talk show.  Maybe you found out about the New Reality TV Show that will be on OWN that I have a sexy segment in. You probably know that I have done retreats for actors such as Lisa Raye, Taj from SWV and the very funny Queen Aisha.  You could have read my article as a relationship columnist for IONA MAGAZINE.

You’ve probably seen that my work has been endorsed by Motivational Speaker Delores Pressley, World class women’s advocate and theater producer Yetta Young and International Lifestyle guru Max Tucci.  You’ve probably heard most of my clientele are high profile professionals, religious leaders and Hollywood industry professionals.

Could it be that you heard my interview on the Mother Love radio show? You’ve probably heard that I am a state of California Certified Domestic Violence Advocate and have a Masters degree in Social Work Administration. Did you know I was mentored by Wellness Coach and Actress AJ Johnson as well as Women’s Empowerment Coach, Debrena Jackson Gandy?  Perhaps you saw a review of my coaching practice and programs in Our News Weekly?

Take a look at these testimonials of past clients & fans of my work:


 Elevate Your Love Habits – Kiss being Single Goodbye will help you transform your love life because …

You will save time, eliminate stupid mistakes, release frustration and confusion when it comes to understanding men and what they want.

EYLH is a coaching program based on my personal life experience with dating, failed 1st marriage and my current marital bliss, hundreds of hours of meditation and prayer, theories of over 75 dating and relationship books and courses, 80 hours of intense conversations and interviews of highly successful men. 3 years of being mentored by women who have successful loving devoted marriages, an enlightened understanding of biology, sacred spiritual teachings and plain ole’ COMMON SENSE.

It’s the difference between having a relationship that starts off good and ends in heartache and disaster to a relationship that gives you EXACTLY what you desire with no guessing and anxiety.

Most women don’t realize that relationships are work but if you do the work before the relationship comes you can spend time enjoying your boo instead of forcing him to couples therapy because you don’t know what the heck he wants from you.

This is an intense program that speaks to every phase of relationships and how to handle it. Knowing that what you don’t know CAN and WILL HURT!

Elevate Your Love Habits is the secret weapon to help you have a full advantage and take responsibility for your love matters. It is the ideal opportunity to learn what you have not been able to understand about love and what helps people build trusting relationships that don’t come with drama.

When your love life is blissful it makes every area of your life ELEVATE…that means this program is going to help your career, spirituality, self-esteem, confidence, release negative and counterproductive belief systems and out dated relationship theories. It’s going to make you the envy of most women and a superstar when it comes to LOVE!

Over the years I have been able to pick a part the main principles and success ingredients of love, test my strategies and see the unstoppable positive results over and over again. It’s not just about finding love, it’s about fixing what’s been causing you secret pain and making you even more EXTRA-ORDINARY in everything you do.

It’s about having the capacity to receive EXTRA-ORDINARY LOVE and not sabotage your chances to have what you often dream about. Because love is real but it only comes to those who are prepared and have adjusted their heart, soul and knowledge to receive it.

What you  get from  your relationships right now is all that you are emotionally wired to handle WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT – the truth is YOU’RE NOT READY FOR WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH THE NECESSARY PREPARATION TO ATTRACT IT AND RECEIVE IT.

This program will

Eliminate obsessive thoughts, anxious feelings and the sadness that comes to remind you …you are not capable of having what you want.

This program will keep you from acting desperate and stupid just because you want some attention and you are tired of waiting.

Understand that what’s stopping you is not always “the dirty dog men”

…what’s stopping you is your lack of understanding about how relationships go, who you are supposed to be and the purpose of what a relationship is.

EYLH is a master’s program to accelerate your magical ability in finding love and keeping it juicy, happy and progressive.

Your spirit is yearning for more and to achieve all your goals because you are tired and uncomfortable where you are but you just don’t know what to do …to get where you want to be. THIS IS IT! You no longer have to think or do just learn how to BE what you want to waltz into your life and love you in a way that you have NEVER been loved before.

It is so important to treat your love life with the same discipline and fortitude you have building your career and solving problems for others. You need lessons, mentoring, coaching, encouragement and feedback. A mentor can help you accomplish in 30 days what you have not been able to accomplish in the past 10 years.

Here’s My Story

Three years ago, newly divorced from a 7 year marriage and I was curled up in a ball laying in bed, in the dark crying nightly because I kept getting into relationships with men and giving them all I had, time, money, sex and no matter what I did to prove my love they would leave me high and dry. They would avoid the commitment conversation and after a while just stop contacting me.

One man said I wasn’t the kind of woman his family would approve of so it’s best to end our 5 month relationship. I tried internet dating only to find men who either wanted sex or a friendship. I remember thinking I had found my soul mate through a guy I met on Twitter. He made me feel so special as we tweeted, texted and had long 3 hour conversations that resulted in us falling asleep on the phone pretty often. He traveled all the way from New York to Los Angeles to be with me. Talking about feeling special and get so excited that I had found someone comparable to me. We had an amazingly passionate weekend, we shared, we cuddled, we had great sex and we talked, went to the movies, to the beach…it was a dream come true until he returned back to NYC.

I didn’t hear from him again for 3 months, no returned text, calls and he blocked me from his Twitter account. I kept replaying in my mind how much fun we had but what did I do to cause this distance, abandonment and alienation?

Devastated I started picking out all my flaws and rationalizing that men don’t want a fat girl, that men don’t want a girl who drives a sexy Benz, that my sex must have been awful, or maybe he was married and didn’t want to tell me. Whatever happened it left me feeling degraded and dayum near suicidal. At that point, I had given up on men and love and realized it was all a fairy tale. The only belief I had was men were selfish, nasty dirty dogs.

After I entertained depression for about 4 months I finally had an epiphany, I realized one huge problem, I was desperate and starving for love and every attempt to get it made me crazy, needy and possessive. Realizing that, I went on a journey called mission NO LOVE DRAMA and learned to ask the right questions of myself that caused me to make a quantum leap in my understanding of love, relationships and what makes male and female harmoniously compatible.

Within 6 months learned the hidden secrets to Elevate My Love Habits and I personally kissed being Single GOODBYE! I was a magnet for really good men. I received 6 proposals from really mature sexy men who wanted a smart, successful & sensitive woman. YES, I had men in abundance who did not want to let me go and each tried to convince me that I was to marry him. However, I married the best man for me based on what I know to be true about long term success and compatibility. He is the man of my dreams and I now I want to offer you the opportunity to kiss being single goodbye with my exclusive program Elevate Your Love Habits.

Living my dreams, a once troubled girl who has been a mother since the age of 14 years old with very low self-esteem from the south side of Columbus Ohio, I finally found how to attract and keep healthy love and now I am a happy wife with a happy life, and I get to live with my husband between Los Angeles, California and Lagos, West Africa.

So I decided to put together one comprehensive 6 month program that would walk you through the exact same process I followed using the book of Esther as a point of reference.  I have tested my principles and over and over again my clients experience good men in abundance within months. 

This program will help you shed old nasty habits that our counter-productive to what you really want when it comes to having a happy passionate life.

 In 6 months you will know all the ABC’s & 123’s of love,  dating and maintaining a progressive sexy draw dropping envy of other women COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP!NM WEDDING

Think of it like you are getting a degree in single-ology, love-ology and marriage-ology all in such a short period of time.

My past clients experienced this program in 12 months with great results but because I know how it feels to want to get it done and get the results. I have shortened the time but I DID NOT cut the content or experience. I just want you to have your man by the holidays.
You will get me in your ear, in your head and in your heart for 6 months guiding, explaining, encouraging, questioning, illuminating and aligning your life for the ultimate breakthrough in love.
You will have a mentor that is walking her talk and pushing you through what’s holding you back.

But Wait!!!

Not only do you get me but you also get live help from my Husband, Mr. AlBoyo, R&B singer, songwriter and producer as well as graphic design entrepreneur. You will also be hearing from other noted surprise experts in dating and relationship industry to reinforce your learning and ability to embody what you are gaining.

We are going hard with role playing, action items and HOT SEAT! Yep that’s when you’re selecting to share your issue in the group and Nekisha & AlBoyo share what you’re doing that is not beneficial and what you can do to Elevate Your Love Habit.

Here is what you can look forward to every MONTH for 6 consecutive Months:

Two live enrichment calls
Supplemental Videos & audios
Action Work Sheets with Feedback
30 minutes of private coaching with Nekisha-Michelle
30 minutes of private coaching with Boyo & Nekisha-Michelle as a team via Google + or by phone.
Live forum to interact and network with your other sisters going through the EYLH process with you.

This is over $10,000 worth of my coaching, coordinating, facilitating and information!

What’s Included in:

** Elevate Your Love Habits: Kiss being Single Goodbye?**

This is a comprehensive program because I rather you put in the time now than 3 months after you get into a relationship and you get stuck, end up in therapy or needing some anti-depressant medication.

I rather you be the 50% of marriages that make it with ease than be a part of the 50% that end in divorce. I rather take you traditionally why most women have successful relationships now rather than have you make a million mistakes and keep pushing away good men.

I rather you take all I have now than keep buying one program at a time and leaving with more questions and needing more answers.

Time and Money are two of the greatest investment and this program requires both! But only the real sassy, spiritually- smart women will take advantage of this program and benefit the way she wants.

Most women think they have all the answers yet they are still lying in bed alone or arguing with man after man who does not want to commit.

Please NOTE: This program will NOT be offered again until Spring of 2015.






BREAKING INVISIBLE CHAINS -Know what’s dominating your relationships

This habit will help you understand the core lessons of why your relationships are not working toward your benefit and what to do to change it. Unfortunately, too often we go from relationship to relationship experiencing the same mayhem and not understanding that everything is cause and effect. Everything has a reason and solution. This is where you will learn how you adopted your current love habits and how you are being perceived in the relationship. You will also understand your relationship needs so you can identify how to get them met so you are not showing up needy as a lamb or roaring like a lion. Lastly, you will learn to detect your most dominating relationship core values and the energy they bring in to the relationship so you can make the Shift!





 WAVE MR. HELL NAW GOODBYE FOR GOOD – Stop getting what you don’t want

The power of attraction is working all the time but to determine what makes you attract the men you don’t want requires knowledge of a special formula. There is something about him that’s comfortable and familiar and even when you knew he was Mr. Hell Naw you kept him around for a reason. This is the module that will help us find out why Mr. Hell Naw keeps showing up and how to transform your attraction power so he does not hold that invisible chemistry power that keeps you mesmerized. He’s no freaking good and you know it but he keeps showing up. Now you can get to the bottom of this once and for all.





THE MANCATION – Saying No long enough to know when to say YES

Sometimes to get yourself together you have to step back and just fast from the notion of the desires of your heart. When you have desires and it seems to not be met, it leaves you feeling an array of negative emotions that keep you stuck frustrated or desperate and stupid. In this module you will learn to purposely say NO to strategically starve the desire of what you feel you want. This will cause a vacuum of suction that signals what you desire to come for you. Here is the deal, what you want you have to release the negative emotions and feelings associated and this module will train your mind to manifest what you want with ease just by saying NO!





WORK YOUR POWER – Using your soul to call in your ideal mate

A damaged soul is incapable of bringing a lifetime of happiness and peace. Therefore there is a particular condition your soul has to be in so that you can accurately call in “the one”. There is a four step process that must happen in order for your soul to possess the power it needs to call your man and bring him to you. This is the most critical of the whole program and yet the most gratifying. You will understand what a soul mate is and why they show up in our lives. Most people have been operating from the best they can with an ill functioning soul and therefore their love life reflects the condition of their soul. When you know your power …you are unstoppable in love and in life.





BUILD A MAN – Now is the time to place your order with the universe for you ideal man

It is impossible to get the ideal man when you are not the ideal woman. This is the module that helps you figure out what your soul needs to be satisfied and what type of person would best benefit your life. A long laundry list of superficial request is not what will quench your ability to be fulfilled in a relationship. However, knowing your top 5 requirements will help you in saying YES to MR. Right and easily identify who will not be the ideal mate for you long term. Unfortunately we allow society, family and friends to decide what’s best for us all the while knowing something is off and does not feel right. This module will teach you how to make your request and calmly watch the universe deliver that and much more.


SUPER-SIZE YOUR HAPPINESS – How to make happiness the theme of your life

Happiness needs no introduction but the ability to be aware of what makes you happy and how to make yourself happy anytime is by far the most ATTRACTIVE TRAIT MEN LOOK FOR IN A WOMAN. So often, women get in relationships because their man makes them happy and will lose that man or drain that man because she does not have a life outside of him. Being unhappy, temperamental and aggressive is a major turn-off. In this module you will take happiness to a new level by learning to SUPER-SIZE it. It’s unfortunate that most people live their life in depression, anger or boredom and only achieving spurts of happiness. This is the reason that a man can manipulate you if he has the chemistry you connect with. That vibe creates an emotional high which is addictive. That addiction makes a woman turn into a fool when she does not have him. But if she has super-sized happiness, this will no longer be the case. This module will teach you how to supersize your happiness for good.





INVITE HIM TO COME HOME –Preparing your heart and home for love

To say I want a man and feel the desire to want to be with a man does NOT mean you are ready for a man. In fact, if you don’t have one is a sign that YOU ARE NOT READY. This is the module that adds the cherry on top of your already delicious dessert…YOU! We will learn how to create an environment and create space in your heart for the sexy, timeless love you desire. He won’t come unless you are ready and have a place to receive him. We will look at the characteristics of a ready home and ready heart to make sure there are no blockages or stagnate energy preventing his arrival.


UNLEASH YOUR SEX APPEAL – Preparing your body to be found and adored

There is a 4 step formula that is critical to being that woman that easily attracts men who want a long term healthy commitment. When you step out into the crowd you will no longer get lost and blend in…this is where we turn the sex appeal up in a classy lady like way. This is my secret weapon to making men who normally don’t like “my type” like “my type” whatever that is. In fact, both my husband’s admitted that they had never been with a woman “like me” nor were the attracted but it was something about me that tantalized their system and they fell for me immediately. I am going to share it so you too can have it. This module will ensure you are never without a good quality date. If you think you have it going on now …just wait until we unleash your sex appeal.





LEARN TO PURRRRR LIKE A KITTEN – Classy communication that men respond to

You’ve heard it a lot but you keep ignoring it….it is not what you say but how you say it. If you want a man to respond and to really hear you. You have to talk his language! There is no need for you to go through all the habits and attract this sexy, fun loving man only to get him and piss him off because you two are speaking 2 entirely different languages. Men are more sensitive than women at times and when you don’t know that you can shut him down, send up his walls and lose him for a long time if not forever. I can’t say this enough when a man does not get you …he will not be vulnerable with you nor will he care about your dayum feelings. So this is where I teach you to purrrrr and save that roar for the workplace or the kids. Check this out …if you don’t embody classy communication …. You will have hell to pay.





DON’T YOU DARE – Act like a lady if you want a man

You’ll discover how to shift from being the giver to being a receiver. From being the one who runs the relationship to the one who enjoys the relationship and enjoys being taken really good care of. Relationships are hard when we step out of our defined roles. This module I will share the science behind masculine and feminine energy and the cause and effect of each. I will share from spiritual and biological perspective whey men are traditionally the head and what that means for women. I will share why opposites attract but don’t work out long term. I will help you identify your most dominate energy and determine what kind of men you will naturally attract when your dominate energy is too strong. This is the module that you will learn to move the man from dating you to courting you and what the difference is. Lastly, I will spill the secrets on how you can tell if a man is really interested in you or he has you in friend zone.




READ THE MANualHow I got 6 men to propose to me in 6 months

When you understand what men like because they really are simple creatures, you will crack the man code and have that special thing that makes you stand out against all the other women. That’s the key, men really want to be loved, appreciated and needed but they will only be vulnerable and share their heart with the woman they like and trust. This module will show you how to be the woman they like and trust as well as create the healthy competition necessary for them to win your affection forever. You will learn the power of negotiation by using this one key thing. In addition, you will be able to establish the theme of a healthy relationship and SHUT DOWN ALL OTHER FOOLISHNESS! This module is the home run to the altar, the white picket fence and heavenly bliss. This is the foundation for NO LOVE DRAMA!




HONORING THE SEASONS OF LOVE – Adjusting to your man when the honeymoon is over

I wish I could say that marrying your soul-mate means that every day will be filled with bliss, roses and sunny days and blue skies, but the reality is it isn’t. Relationships are living human entities of it’s own and therefore are susceptible to the seasons that life ushers its way. This module will help you learn how to stay in the same season with your spouse, understand what comes with each season, how to respond during varying seasons. Yes people change but that only means there are situations stimulating change and I will show you how to not fear what you don’t understand. This module will also teach you how to use the power of sex in each season to keep the bond and adventure in the relationship. The first thing women do when they don’t understand something a man does is panic and get insecure…but you don’t have to anymore because Habits 1-11 will prepare you for anything your relationship will encounter. Honoring the seasons is the glue to being able to create a successful love life that continuously gives you what you’ve been praying for.

You get everything mentioned plus direct help from Nekisha-Michelle and her team. It will feel like a totally customized program to fit your love drama.

Here’s how:

During your 6 month journey, you will ALSO receive 6 Q&A calls with Nekisha-Michelle plus extra bonus sessions.

LIVE and pre-recorded that are not included or mentioned above. These calls will be scheduled in advance – and even if you miss one, it will be recorded for you listening convenience. So you’ll never be without help, support or guidance.

You’ll also receive access to a private Elevate your love habits Facebook group where you can chat, interact and get the support of other ladies who are taking their love life to the ultimate level.

Even if you paid $150 per hour for these highly-valuable calls, your fee alone just for the Q &A would be $900. But fortunately, it’s included at no extra charge.

BUT you must realize, these group coaching calls are available only if you enroll during this 2014 group of Elevate Your Love Habits. Group coaching sessions are normally 1 hour long and held on Thursday’s or Sunday evenings.

 Even though this program sounds good…

There are a FEW Good Reasons Why You May Not Enroll & This Course May Not be for you

You may like being in serial relationships that don’t work.

You may enjoy abusive crazy men and dramatic relationships.

Therefore you are committed to your messy love life.

You may not have 6 months to commit to prepare for real love.

You may be a microwave woman and if it’s longer than 30 days you can’t handle it.

The truth is have you ever spent this much time working and discovering you?

The price of this program may be out of your reach because you rather have a unstable love life but purchase weaves, designer bags and clothes and eat at expensive restaurants with your girlfriends.

Maybe you are just not into being the woman that a good man really wants.

You are too resistant to change, constructive feedback and too broken and damage to admit you don’t know what the hell you are doing and you feel like a failure because you can’t seem to get this part of your life in check.

You already feel defensive and threatened so definitely you rather be alone than have a mentor call out your raggedy standards and inconsistent spiritual practices.

Oh, by the way — there is a price for NOT taking this course.

It’s the price of more failure, more headaches, more frustration, more days, weeks and months of going in the wrong direction, missing out on true love, good hot passionate sex and a compatible partner that will create stability, happiness and a beautiful future with.

You will continue trying to figure it out on your own going through countless men. Introducing your children to man after man, In and out of therapy and taking anything to pick you up out of your miserable depression.

Continue the stigma of being a baby mama and or single parent. Holding on to the misconception that all men are dogs, can’t be trusted and there are no good men.

Let’s think about this for a minute, what if I peeked in your window at night what would I see? What if I inventory your closet what would I see? What if I could see your heart what would I see? I am sure you are completely happy and satisfied and don’t have a care in the world right?

If I can increase your confidence and ability to attract the man you know you want that is good stuff and the return on your self-investment into this program is WORTH IT! All I am saying is to get different results you must take risk …WINNERS take risk but to get the same results you have always been getting …keeping praying and doing nothing. FAITH without ACTION is DEAD!

OKAYYYYYY Nekisha-Michelle you have talked my darn head off with this long a** letter so what do I do to get started?

I am ready to enroll because I WANT TO  KISS BEING SINGLE GOODBYE!!!

6 months of coaching with me usually runs between $3500-$5000.     I usually ONLY coach high profile women because they don’t complain about my fees and are not afraid to invest in themselves. They trust me and usually come to me by word of mouth.  However, by you enrolling is helping me spread this information at a faster pace and giving suffering women what they can’t find anywhere else…THE TRUTH about how to get Mr. Right.

I am expecting you to have your Mr. Right really soon so my spiritual radar is tuned up and ready to help you accelerate your partner finding you.

Just think before 2015  you could be celebrating with your man that you never thought would get here. That’s what happened for me. I started my journey June 2012 by December 2012 we were in each others arms.  This plan creates acceleration!

I decided to cut my base rate 6 month coaching rate in half. But my assistant reminded me that most women have NEVER invested this kind of money outside of personal grooming and name brand shopping on themselves.  SOOOOOOO  I took that into consideration and decided to really sweeten the deal for ONLY 30 determined SINGLE WOMEN!

…. I am really scared because this is how I make my living and I believe in getting paid for what I am worth . However, sharing this message is my ministry and is more important that I get you to the place that you keep yearning for.

Please thank God for this blessing and I really feel like I am giving a way my precious baby for ONLY  $1297!

But for QUICK DECISION MAKERS I AM giving the first 12 women who enroll a $300.00 scholarship.

So that means you will only make 6 easy payments of $166.00

Payment Options


3 easy payments of $332.00

Payment Options


1 time payment of  $897.00


If you are NOT one of the 12 you will pay the full price of $1297 in full or  in  monthly installments!



You can sign up and try the first month of my program. If you’re not satisfied with what you get out of the first month, I will be swift to return your money. If you want out, you’re out. No hard feelings. And because there will probably be a waiting list, we understand if you want to cancel.

You will not find another love and relationship program this thorough because most coaches like to penny and dime you to death always promising the next great program to help you but in actuality they are only trying to keep getting your money. I want to give it all to you so you are equipped, happy and embracing what it truly feels like to be love the way that creates lasting success.

This program will not be offered again until April 2015 so if you decide it’s not for you …no hard feelings but I am hoping you be one of the ones that will celebrate with us in sunny southern California in October 2014 as we bring the program to a close LIVE!

The program kicks off Sunday, May 4, 2014... I will see you soon.


Are you ready for love?

Elevate Your Love Habits so you can Kiss Being Single Goodbye?

Let’s get started!






P.S. This may be a hard decision to make. My advice is to follow your heart and know you have 30 days to decide if we are fit and what I have to say would make a major difference for you. NO matter what…I appreciate you and wish you love and happiness and  know that LOVE DOES NOT HAVE TO COME WITH DRAMA!!!

P.S.S.  As soon as you enroll my friend you will get my bonus gift of My Soul Mate Prayer.  This is the very prayer attached to a  song I used to build my faith, expectation and spirit to attract my GOOD MAN.   It will be yours immediately when you enroll so you can start attracting immediately.


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